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Western arms shotgun serial numbers

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Unless some one would go to the expense of having the chamber lengthen, it is 2 34 chamber. Web. com. Western records are available throughout the 1930s. . 410 bore gun may command up to 200. Manufacturer WESTERN ARMS. In 1959, the name and assets of the company were purchased by EMF (Early and Modern Firearms Co. J.

Savage Arms Model 25 Gun Magazine. . .

Serial number 633723-2 manufactured 1956. . Just a thought R Red84 Registered Joined Feb 14, 2009 75 Posts. 1902 317503-337038. The following production schedule provides a list of Great Western serial numbers that were assigned to each year. Web. . 1908 372118-377925. . Serial number 633723-2 manufactured 1956. Marlin- The Collector&x27;s GUide to Serial Numbers and Technical Information.

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During 1940 - 41, H&R made a limited run of several thousand single barrel shotguns (Model 08 Standard) for Sears Roebuck & Co. Jack. are guns built by the old Lefever Arms. . Web. . 1911 398508. The best place to find the serial number will be on the water table. 5 fee if paying by credit card. cominst20385KA. Hunter Arms Shotgun S Serial Number Anywhere On. .

Web. Babalooie, 12 years ago That 350 number may not be a serial number. S. . Aug 01, 2019 Joined Dec 9, 2007. Y. . . was a separate corporation, wholly owned by the owners of Ithaca Gun Co. versions, this well-used, full-choke. In this example the fiream is a model 58. It has the early style take down system by removing the hinge pin.

This may have been made by H&R. Join Date Jan 2006 Location 92688 Posts 20,240 iTrader 21 100 looks like a mossberg no serial number was required till 1968 3 01-26-2009, 544 PM If pre-1968, no serial number was required. I HAVE A 4-34". Aldens 670 Springfield 67 Aldens 670 Savage 67 American Eagle 67 Noble 60 Americal Eagle 60G Noble 60 Belknap 964A Stevens 87N Belknap B63 Springfield 947 Belknap B63 Savage 947B Belknap B63E Savage 940E Belknap B64 Savage 67 Belknap B65C Springfield 745 Belknap B65C Savage 745. . . Web. In NRA excellent condition it can be worth up to 450 (or whatever a collector who really wants it will pay). org Big ugly Registered Joined Feb 27, 2009 2,681 Posts. . I would contact Savage directly to get a more accurate date of manufacture. This may have been made by H&R. Eligible for FREE shipping .

Web. . Grades were defined by the grade of the stock&x27;s wood. Eventually, six different models were produced. I wondered if anyone had anymore info. I would contact Savage directly to get a more accurate date of manufacture.

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Web. It also uses a large handgun priming and shoots at a pressure of 36,000 (psi). 10 Henry Repeating Arms 22 Caliber Lever Action Carbine Rifle with In Stock Norma Usa 22 LR 40 gr LRN TAC-22 50Box 4. . It should be used as a general guide only. Jack. Web. In spite of its economical.

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Your shotgun is most likely one of these, as it looks like a stevens shotgun. Download this stock image Colt Model 1851 Navy Revolver with Thuer Conversion for Self-Contained Cartridges, Serial no. . Henry Rifles & Shotguns,. Players who have worn the number 44 include Heath Evans, Leory Kelly and John Riggins. . . Web.

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